Man Of Many Words     Speaker Of Few

Here’s a list of my staples

Business Name
You’ll need this for more reasons than one.

Something they’ll remember you by.

Website Copy & Content
Like an online megaphone, this is where you announce who you are to the world. More importantly, you’ll want to address what problem you can solve for your audience, and why they should believe you.

Copy Direction
Don’t underestimate the value of a consistent tone of voice and sounding like what’s in the can. Communication is so much easier when you’re all speaking the same language.

Social Media Content
For the anti-social ones out there.

Purpose, Values, and Mission Statements
If you don’t know why you exist, what you stand for, and where you’re trying to get to, chances are you’ll fall in a heap–you and the brand.

Personal Bio’s and Branding
The story of your life and why it matters–in words.

Miscellaneous Words
For everything else you need wordsmithed.

Who I collaborate with

If you’ve found a graphic designer and you need the speakers to match the staging, then I’m your guy. A brand is only as powerful as the sum of its parts—and copy is half the package.


I’m available remotely to tackle creative briefs and deliver well-written brand assets. Self-managed, excuse the puns and dad jokes—my daughter’s responsible.

Brand Designers
Much of my meaningful brand work (mine included) has come from remote collaboration with designers, working seamlessly to ensure a cohesive brand identity.


Honesty is my best policy
︎Some irregular (but truthful) answers.

Scrambled thoughts? I’ll put them into words.

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