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Run André Run; Seeing The Forest For The Trees.

I’ve run businesses, consulting workshops, team meetings, and even the odd egg and spoon race.  In running the gauntlet of job variety, I  was drifting further away from my innate passion for writing.

I did however fill my boots along the way. I've collected buckets of insight across multiple industries, relating to diverse groups of people and their experiences.  I quickly learned how to speak to specific audiences in ways that matter the most to them.

Frequently immersed in the world of human behaviour, I have repeatedly seen people make decisions on emotion in the face of opposing logic - the facts and figures. Communicating brand effectively requires delving deeply into the world of empathy to elicit behaviour change.

My biggest learning is that people are people, not job titles.

It's what they believe that makes them tick.

Most of their decisions are subconsciously founded on a set of deeply held beliefs. To stay on message, it's vital to uncover them—this is where I come in.

What do I believe?  I (now) firmly believe in spending your time doing what gets you springing out of bed in the morning.

I finally woke up.

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